Our solutions give you access to all of the information you need to provide excellent customer experiences. Details about services, payments, orders, trouble tickets and other relevant information are easily accessible. We also make it easy and efficient to change services, analyze trends, and conduct marketing and sales activities. Our flexible reporting, search filters and data export options help you leverage the power of your data to accomplish business and operational tasks and maximize revenue for your company.

Standard and customized bill formats are available, with on-bill marketing options. Bill fulfillment is handled through our third-party vendor or you can have rendered invoices sent to you for distribution.

Customer Experience

From initial contact through product selection, service implementation, billing and payment processing, every interaction you have with your subscribers is important. UDP’s Customer Care and Billing solution gives you easy access to the tools you need to provide outstanding customer experiences.

Data Integrity

Your subscriber data is one of the most important assets you have. Leveraging the power of this data is key to staying competitive and profitable. Our integrated solutions maintain data integrity and consolidate information from multiple customer touch points, giving you a comprehensive view of your subscribers.

Extensive search filters, easy data export, flexible reporting and management dashboards provide numerous ways to view, analyze, update, track and audit your subscriber data.

Sales and Marketing Support

Our solutions help manage multiple campaigns, identify and target new prospects and upsell services to existing customers. Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are designed to help make your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns successful. You can upload prospect lists, customize data fields, use on-bill marketing, qualify leads and create pop-up alerts with upsell messages for CSRs.

Our Product Catalog gives you the flexibility to customize new service offerings and apply special promotions and discounts. You can design service bundles with fixed or variable rate USOCs across multiple service types, like broadband, video, security, telecom, hosting and other services.

Service Order Management

New Service Orders are easy to generate using our Service Order Wizard. Our Step-by-step process for new orders includes auto-population of selected fields and validation of relevant information to help save time and reduce errors.

Workflow Optimization, working in conjunction with Plant Records and Assignment and Automated Provisioning tools, automate the Service Order Implementation process, allowing you to deploy resources effectively, turn up services quickly and generate revenue.

Scheduling tools allow you to create, view and share installation appointment calendars for Service Orders and Trouble Tickets. Other tasks, such as Payment Arrangements can also be displayed. Easily reschedule pending tasks from the calendar view and system account information is automatically updated to reflect your changes.

Customer Support

Our Customer Care tools enable you to access account data quickly and respond to customer inquires accurately. Account remark categories can be used to swiftly evaluate past customer interactions and identify useful historical information. Pop-up alerts can be added to an account to provide additional instructions.

With more than 45 search filters, your support staff can promptly locate the account information they need. Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) is protected and account access is tracked. Search result data can be easily exported for further analysis.

Billing and Payments

We produce accurate subscriber invoices that are easy to read and understand. Multiple bill cycles are available, allowing you to manage cash flow and resource availability. All services purchased by a subscriber can be billed on a single invoice. Bills can be printed and mailed by our designated print vendor, or you may elect to have print-ready invoices transmitted to you for distribution. Historical bill images are available online and can be individually viewed, printed or emailed to the subscriber.

Flexible on-bill messaging allows you to display marketing messages or important notifications on the first page of the bill. Additional bill message text can be printed elsewhere on the bill. Inserts can be produced and included with your customer invoices.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment allows subscribers to view and pay their bills online. Your customers can schedule credit card and ACH payments, set up recurring payments and change default payment information. Additional self-care functionality will be available in an upcoming software release.


Robust reporting tools provide access to critical management information. The Report Library contains standard reports on billing, payments, service orders, trouble management, accounting information, lead tracking and sales campaigns. Ad Hoc Reporting provides additional flexibility in report creation and includes multiple formats for information display, including charts and graphs.

Management Dashboards provide information on key performance indicators (KPIs) in an easy to understand format. Dashboards provide managers with insights into trends and help identify and address areas that need attention.