Our modules for managing plant records and automated provisioning are operational support programs that can interface with network devices, allowing you to provision services on the network, determine next available assignment, audit network equipment, update network topography and perform testing and troubleshooting.

You can activate, add and change features within a workflow process. Automatic flow-through provisioning allows you to provision services without the need for multiple touch points.

Plant Records and Assignment

To achieve operational efficiency when turning up services and clearing trouble conditions, accurate plant records are essential. Our Plant Records and Assignment solution helps maintain this information and provides workflow tools to facilitate each step in your order flow process.

We help enforce adherence to an organized plant assignment process, which will substantially reduce errors and omissions and greatly improve productivity. Accurate plant records vastly improve the success rate for automated provisioning of services and clearing of trouble conditions.

Automated Provisioning

Automating components of the provisioning process speeds up the conversion of new sales into revenue-generating service. Our Automated Provisioning solution supports most network devices, reduces errors and improves the utilization of your resources.

The Automated Provisioning tools are also useful for service audits and integration with additional data sources. Integration between the billing system and back-office provisioning tools results in cross-functional data integrity.

Mapping System Integration

Our Plant Records, Assignment and Automated Provisioning tools can be integrated with mapping software for a graphical representation of asset deployment.